Iconic Photographs

Curated photos from projects Joel Santos has been working on since 2003. Don’t forget to visit the other galleries for an in depth overlook.


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Navigate the snowy wilds of Mongolia with this nomadic reindeer herding family. Photographer Joel Santos dived 1000 km into the depths of Northern Mongolia to visit the Ganbaa family near Khovsgol Lake.

Cormorant Fishermen, Yangshuo / Xing Ping / Guilin, China. This video is a sneak peak about a photojournalistic work that I've started doing with the cormorant fisherman families 12 years ago, back in 2006. These cormorant fishermen are the reminiscence of a secular tradition.

The town of Janitzio, which means "where it rains", is located at Lake Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, Mexico. The town is known for the butterfly fishermen who are skilled at lowering their butterfly-shaped nets to catch the local cuisine, the "pescado blanco" (white fish).

Eagle Hunters - In 2015 and 2016, videographer and photographer Joel Santos travelled for several days across Mongolia to reach their remote homes of the Kazakh nomads and witness the stringent training they endure to bond with their eagles.
This one million-year-old sacred lake, near Kumasi, Ghana, was created when a giant meteorite crash landed in what was once a lush rainforest. In Ashanti, Ghana, Lake Bosumtwi is revered by locals as sacred and tradition dictates that they can only fish in the lake using wooden planks called paduas.

PHOTO EXPEDITION to the AZORES, Portugal, with JOEL SANTOS e MAGALI TAROUCA | 10 a 15 SEPT 2019. Sneak peak at what’s waiting for you. Join us!