Become a World Piece

Imagine a single line connecting hopes, dreams and human bodies, regardless of gender, age or nationality. A line that on its own has a meaning, but when connected to others creates an endless loop that, as a whole, unveils the bigger picture and far stronger message. For me, the World Piece reminds us that united we’re stronger; that together we give meaning to the concept of humanity. There’s no line diving us, quite the opposite. We’re all pieces of the whole — we are the whole —, and only with each and everyone of us the puzzle of life is complete.

Watch the “The World Piece”, by momondo, and become every bit as emotional as I am now. Brace yourselves for the eye opening ride of your life, with heartfelt love.

How far would you go to bring the world closer together? Watch as 61 strangers from different countries offer their bodies as a canvas to send a message to the world. momondo was founded on the belief that everybody should be able to travel the world because traveling unites us.

I can truly relate to these ones


With the rising sun comes the Light;

No mountain is too high


Overcome fears and weaknesses; We can learn from analogies


Love others;

Life is a privilege;

Feel the beating heart


Live life with a curious and open mind, even when the tides turn


Embrace the whole world;

Feel at home everywhere


Cherish the time we have in life;

Freeze time inside a frame


Always look for the bigger perspective;

Not even the sky is a limit