Cormorant Fishermen published on Courrier Internacional

The photograph below is the opening double spread of the article published in Courrier Internacional , in Portugal (@courrierinter), the culmination of photojournalistic work that I’ve started doing with these families 12 years ago. These two brothers, age 92 (right) and 90 (left), both are cormorant fishermen and they’re the reminiscence of a secular tradition that has been trampled by modernisation and tourism in the past decade.

The first time I’ve documented the cormorant fisherman, back in 2006, when “insta repeat” was not a thing, I used a Canon 350D. Although I believe I did some of the best fishermen photos with that camera, the low light + dynamic range in this photo can only be encompassed by the new sensors, like the one on the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV or on the EOS R that I currently use. It’s good when technology helps you to “write” better stories using light, some of them envisioned a long time ago.

Stay tuned and adventurous,

Joel Santos

Cormorant Fisherman, Li River, Guangxi, China

Cormorant Fishermen

A tradition that faded away in less than a decade…