has a new layout, featuring unpublished photos, videos and much more!


That’s true, got a HUGE update! The previous layout was outdated and the experience wasn’t that great — you deserve better and that’s why I went all the way to create this new version.

More than an aesthetic revamp, this website now offers a lot of new content and features:

  • plenty of unpublished photos (aerial, volcanic, documentary and so much more) that you won’t find anywhere else

  • videos (seamless integration with my YouTube channel (I know, I’m a photographer at heart, but I’ve been pretty busy creating TV documentaries, some of them to be released this summer!)

  • easier to find upcoming workshops/tours. Adventure awaits!

  • better integration with my social media profiles, thus it’s easy to follow my posts in real time

  • newsletters are super easy to sign up — finally! You’ll get notified about important stuff ahead of everyone else!

  • I’m all about story telling and sharing useful stuff, so this blog section will become alive!

There’s more, but I don’t want to spoil your exploration! Hint: more galleries will be added pretty soon!

This is my home and window to the world! You’re welcome to visit it at any time!

Stay tuned and adventurous!

Joel Santos

Copy of Vila Franca do Campo, Ocean Volcanic Crater, Aerial, São Miguel

A perfect circle in the ocean?

Did know this location? Find more about it bellow :-)